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Sculptural images of Russian Tsars, Empresses, Generals and other historical and cultural figures.

Скульптурные изображения русских царей, князей, полководцев, деятелей искусства и культуры, а также  другой знати.

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Name SKU Thumbnail Image Description  
Nestor The Chronicler ANK001 Mark Antokolsky Product Details
Lev Tolstoy ARN001 Naum Aronson Product Details
Ivan Panin ARN003 Naum Aronson Product Details
Empress Alexandra Feodorovna BLZ001 G.B. Product Details
Peter Holding Child Louis BRT001 Leopold Bernstamm Product Details
Imperator Nikolai II BRT002 Leopold Bernstamm Product Details
Ivan Grozny GRA0113 Vasily Grachev Product Details
Boyarin-Boyar GRA0114 Vasily Grachev Product Details
Peter I & Ekaterina II JAC002 Napoleon Jacques Product Details
Ekaterina II KLD001 Peter Klodt Product Details

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